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Toiletry Bags, Tooth Officers, and Pajama Pants- Oh My!

August 9, 2010

I've been working on some miscellaneous sewing projects for some very sweet kids in Georgia! Mr. D and I sent handmade goodies to them for Christmas (and these pajama pants for the boys!), and I'm following up with a summer shipment of some handmade love! :)

I finished a cute toiletry bag (slash make-up bag for when she gets older) for the sweet sister. I found it quite difficult to pick out fabric for young girls, but am hoping that the colorful flowers will do the trick, and if not the flowers the pink leopard print lining definitely will! ;) As for the pattern of the toiletry bag, I saw a pattern for the bag while I was at JoAnn's, however didn't like how they pattern instructed to finish the bag so I decided how large of a bag I wanted and did my own thing!

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to make for the younger brother, whom just turned 5, and then I came across this cute policeman tooth officer! I thought long and hard about how I was going to dress up the tooth fairy- boy scout, fire fighter...without hesitation I decided on a National Guard tooth officer, as his dad is currently serving our country in Iraq (thank you!!!). Although blurred in the photo for privacy reasons, the tooth officer's last name is stitched on the left hand side (looking straight at him) and U.S. Army is stitched on the right hand side. I would still like to add a hat to the tooth officer, and if I'm able to do so I'll definitely post an updated photo!

As for the oldest brother, I am making two pairs of flannel pajama pants (blue guitars and 100 dollar bills!), which I hope to start this week! :)


  1. Your bag is so cute, I am quite impressed with your ability to change patterns and get what you really want! And the tooth-fairy National Guard pillow will be loved by the 5 year old. What lucky children they are!

  2. Love the bag, and the tooth is super cute!

  3. I LOVE the tooth guy. I'm definitely going to have to commission you on one for my new nephew. At what point do they start loosing teeth!?! Don't worry I think you've got a couple of years...! :)

  4. AWW, I love it and they will too. You always do an awesome job. That tooth pillow may end up getting you some more orders. Thank you so much. I am excited.

  5. I want a toiletry bag!! You are so crafty and cute and talented!

  6. Like you, my girlfriend also loves making crafts for her family and for me, too! During my recent trip to some of my dentists in Myrtle Beach, SC, she made three cool tooth fairies as a "feel-good" present for me, because I'm kinda afraid going to them. Although my dentist's always making me feel relieved, but I definitely feel so much better because my girlfriend's sweetness.


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