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"Shop 'til You Drop" Christmas Boutique!

August 31, 2010

I'm so excited to announce (and a teeny bit nervous!) that I sent in the registration form for my first craft show- woo hoo! Squirmy Worm Studio will be at the Grace Harbor Church's 6th annual "Shop 'til You Drop" Christmas Boutique on Friday, November 12th from 3-8pm.

I've been to plenty of craft shows, but as I mentioned this will be my first as a vendor, which is a huge leap of faith! My momma has graciously offered to help me man my booth, which is such a blessing as she definitely has the personality and accounting skills to make a successful vendor! Between now and November I plan to build my inventory as well as introduce new products. I'm hoping that crayon rolls, key/id badge fabric lanyards, and fabric flowers will appeal to the masses as well as the burlap coffee tote bags (that I'm still trying to figure out...darn burlap!). :)

Also on my to-do-list is to make two cute and sassy vendor aprons for the for me and one for my helper!

Before you go, I would be tickled pink if you would be willing to leave your craft show experience/tips/suggestions as a comment, so that I show up to the event with the knowledge of an experienced vendor! :)


  1. I have participated in several craft shows. Some really good experiences, some not so much.

    I think the key is having a good variety of products offered, reasonable prices, and making sure the event you are participating in is not flooded with the same products you are selling (the show coordinator should be willing to share what types of vendors are participating).

    My first show was a huge success. I sold 90% of my stock AND got a huge number of custom orders - so offering custom orders is a good idea if you want to take that on. I provided a custom order form and required a non-refundable deposit and it worked.

    Good luck :)

    PS I will be in touch about ordering some burp cloths - I love Jack's & want to get some as gifts.

  2. Thanks for the insight Lindsay! I love the idea of having a custom order form...I never would have thought about that! :)

  3. How fun! good luck getting everything made and sold!


I LOVE your comments, and read them all! Thank you! :)