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Colombian Coffee Burlap Bags!!!

August 10, 2010

Remember this post...the one about potato vs. coffee burlap bags? Well the day I published the post, my Dad (who was scheduled to visit Colombia for business) contacted one of his contacts in the coffee business and before I knew it I was a proud recipient of two Colombian coffee burlap bags!

I should mention that the bags have never been used, thus don't have that distinctive dusty burlap smell (sweet!). Both bags are beautiful, but I'm claiming the cute turtle bag for myself!

I'm also working with a local coffee roasting company to help recycle the coffee burlap bags that they receive from their farmers. Perhaps a coffee burlap market bag will be this year's go-to Christmas gift! :)

I have many ideas of my own, but what would you use a coffee burlap market bag for?


  1. tote bags sound good. my brain isn't working tonight so no other ideas. =)

  2. I LOVE that turtle bag! :)
    Anything you do with it will be adorable!



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