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Lesson Learned- Becoming a Longarm Quilter

March 20, 2012

I had an appointment to do some long arm quilting today, and unfortunately I left discouraged and a bit defeated.  Please tell me that I'm not the only one that this has happened to!  

This is how today went down- I had two quilts that I wanted to quilt.  The first was MY quilt (yes, I finally got around to making myself a quilt), and the second was the Daisy Cottage quilt that I had started some time ago.  Back to the drama!  I selected the thread color and the quilt pattern, loaded MY quilt onto the machine, and when I advanced the quilt after the second pass I realized that the backing had folded over onto itself.  This picture doesn't really do the oopsie justice (or does it, and I'm just making this whole ordeal worse than it really is?).

At this point, I had two choices, leave the oopsie (folded over back) or rip out what I had quilted (an area that measures 26" tall x 67" wide), and re-quilt MY quilt another day.  Silly me, I opted for option #2.  I've spent approximately five hours unpicking the quilt today, and have not even made a dent.  My goal was to unpick and perhaps re-quilt the quilt on Friday, but I'm almost positive that my timeline is impossible.  I'll just unpick when I can, and re-quilt when I'm ready.  No need to make myself miserable by unpicking for hours and hours a day, right?  :)

After an afternoon of feeling so discouraged and defeated, I saw Stuart cuddled up in my currently imperfect quilt, made me smile.  He loves my quilt just the way it is, and if ever  again (fingers crossed!) the back of my quilt folds over onto itself, I too will love my imperfect quilt.  Lesson learned!  :)