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White Casual Dinnerware

March 30, 2010

I've been doing a little online window shopping for white casual dinnerware. I've come to find that there are many options, however I've had a hard time finding a 'young' dinnerware collection- most to be a bit matronly. :( There are two collections that I would like to see in person...

Lenox Tin Can Alley. I may be able to work with these, however I know that I do not want square dishes- been there and done that!

Emma Dinnerware. I like the dotted details on these dishes.

One thing I do know, is that I'm adding a set of these to the white dinnerware for a pop of color! :)

If you don't mind me asking, where did you purchase your dishes from? (I've been focusing my attention on Macy's, Crate and Barrel {lovely, but too expensive for me!}, Pottery Barn, and

Baby Paraphernalia!

March 26, 2010

I think I'm actually going to open an Etsy shop....yeah! I've been toying with the idea for months now, and I think I'm ready to jump in feet first (well that is after I have product to sell!). :)

As for what I'm going to sell...let's just say I have babies on the brain (...and before rumors start, I'm not pregnant!). I may have mentioned before that I think handmade gifts, especially baby gifts, are something special! I'm lucky enough to have two Grandmas, who between them sew, knit, and crochet. I know that not everyone has crafty Grandmas, thus I think opening an Etsy shop to spread handmade love to babies might just be my calling!

I may be a bit ahead of myself, but I would love to be ‘the place’ to shop for handmade items for baby showers. I’d like to market myself as a shop owner that uses only attractive, chic, quality fabrics. I do work full time, thus custom jobs will be on a first come first serve basis, until I get into the swing of things. I’d also like to note that custom jobs may take a bit longer than I would like them to, as we all know that I’m a finicky perfectionist, which does not equate to cranking out product!

Now this is where my faithful readers come in...I need a shop name! I'm looking for something cute, unique and catchy, as I need something to set myself apart from the competition on Etsy (that is besides high quality products, stellar customer service, affordable shipping costs, and fast shipments!). I’d like to convey high quality handmade items at an affordable price for all. Any ideas for me? If I pick a shop name that was suggested by one of my faithful readers, I might just send them a little something in the mail! ;)

Bachelorette Party Goodie Bags!

March 24, 2010

As you all know, my sister Megan is getting married (in 17 days to be exact!), and being the Matron of Honor I planned the Bachelorette party. I worked closely planning the details with one of the Bridesmaids (thank you Vanessa for the help!), as we tossed around ideas such as wine tasting, spa day, San Diego weekend, etc. and ultimately ended up in Las Vegas for the weekend!

We stayed at Caesar's Palace, within the Palace Tower; the room was recently renovated which made it a stylish and chic home away from home! We had a great time in Vegas- nothing too crazy like The Hangover (thankfully!), just a nice girl weekend with some great memories! :)

Now for the crafty part of the Bachelorette party... Growing up, hands down my favorite part of a birthday party were the goodie bags- honestly, what's not to love?

I had grand plans for the goodie bags, but was unfortunately set back by my finger incident (as I cut it while cutting the fabric for the goodie bags!). My wonderful and talented Momma offered to make the reusable grocery bags for me, one for each of the girls (including me). I absolutely LOVE how the bags turned out! We used the Jane Market Bag pattern by Alicia Paulson, two fat quarter bundles for the sides of the bags and handles, and additional fabric for the front and back panels and lining.

My bag! The white bags had a black patterned lining.

Megan's! The black bags had a pink-flowered lining (same and front and back panels).

While browsing Etsy I spotted cute polka-dotted custom wine glasses and I was in love! The price per glass was much more than I wanted to spend on the goodie bags, so I did some research and came across this! The wine glasses were instant gratification (which I love!), as the tutorial I followed was spot on! My friend Christine (thank you!) donated the vinyl, as she had scraps, which made the cost of the wine glasses very feasible! :) In addition to the wine glasses, the goodie bags were filled with snacks and hot pink beaded necklaces.

Wine glasses for all of the girls: Vanessa, Anna, Candice and Megan.

As previously mentioned, I've always been a fan of goodie bags; at the end of the day the goodie bags were a fun surprise for the girls, but were also a token of appreciation for spending the weekend with Megan and I, in celebration of her big day! Thanks for a great weekend girls!

Orange County Spring Fling Hop!

March 23, 2010

Remember the Orange County Holiday Quilt Shop Hop? Lucky for us, the quilt shops have organized a Spring Fling Hop! This Friday, March 26th through Sunday, March 28th, eight Orange County quilts shops (Cozy Cottage Fabrics, Flying Geese Fabric, Fresh Picked Fabrics/Cranberry Quiltworks, Orange Quilt Bee, Quilter's Garden, The Calico House, The Quilt Cupboard, and Timeless Quilts) are participating in the Spring Fling Hop in which each shop will be giving away a free pattern, free fat quarter, and a return coupon! Get your passport stamped at all eight stores and be eligible to win 40 yards of fabric! In addition, each shop will be giving away a basket worth $100, and a $25 gift certificate- not too shabby!

I'll be participating in the Spring Fling Hop on Saturday with my Mom, and I'm hoping my Grandma M. will join us again (she had a BLAST last time!). Perhaps we'll see you there...

My New Favorite Store is...

March 21, 2010

Bed Bath & Beyond!!! I had lost hope in customer service and return policies until my recent interaction with Bed Bath & Beyond, thus it's been deemed my new favorite store!

In early 2007 Mr. D and I registered for these dishes at Bed Bath & Beyond, 12 place settings in two colors- taupe and a mild teal. We opted not to register for fine china, as I was gifted four boxes of china years ago. We received all of the dishes we had registered for, and I was in love with them until I removed all of the price tags (off of a total of 44 pieces) and washed them- chipping a few pieces in the process! I was so disappointed and wanted to dig the price tags out of the trash in hopes of returning the pieces, but opted not to be a crazy lady and kept the dishes. :(

The years have passed and the dishes continue to chip, thus my frustration and disappointment growing day by day! Saturday morning I was getting ready to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a replacement dish (again!) when I sat down at the computer and wrote a quick email to corporate explaining my disappointment in the quality of the dishes. Within 8 hours (on a Saturday!) I received a response email from Bed Bath & Beyond stating that they want their customers to be 100% satisfied with their customer service and merchandise, and to bring in the dishes for a return and/or exchange!

I had some major anxiety this morning about returning the dishes (truth is I always have anxiety about returns, even with a receipt!). I went to the return counter, explained the situation, and the return was made without a hitch! I'm now in the market for new dishes! Until the purchase is made, Mr. D and I are eating off of my fine china (tonight we had pizza on the china- kind of felt like a sin, but it is what it is!). :)

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

March 17, 2010

A couple of fun St. Patrick's Day facts for you...!
  • The St. Patrick's Day custom came to America in 1737 (273 years ago!).
  • Finding a four-leaf clover, wearing green (school children started the pinching tradition), and kissing the Blarney Stone are all good luck on St. Patrick's Day.
  • The color of St. Patrick was not actually green, but blue! In the 19th century, however, green came to be used as a symbol for Ireland.
  • recently ranked the Blarney Stone as the most unhygienic tourist attraction in the world! (ICK!)
  • Kissing the Blarney Stone while suspended upside down is supposed to give you 'The Gift of Gab'.
  • There are more Americans of Irish origin than there are Irish in Ireland; in Delaware, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire Irish is the leading ancestral group.
  • Until the 1970’s, all pubs were shut in Ireland on St Patrick’s Day.
  • Legend has it that St. Patrick drove all of the snakes and frogs from Ireland. (My kind of man!...have I ever mentioned that I'm deathly afraid of frogs?)

Wishing all a great and safe day! Mr. D (my Irish man) and I will be having the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner tonight- yummy!

I'm Back in the Game (FINALLY)!!!

March 9, 2010


A month and then some has come and gone without the use of my sewing machine that is until last night!!! Getting back in the game was definitely a process, but boy am I glad to be in it again!
Friday I removed the band aid from my left pointer finger (you remember what happened- right?), and Saturday I brought my sewing machine out from the back room and placed it next to the kitchen table- a place where it was widely visible. I stared at it and contemplated sewing Saturday evening, but that time came and went. Sunday I was house bound doing laundry, in preparation of my upcoming getaway weekend (more on that later), and I again contemplated doing some recreational sewing, but after ten loads of laundry it didn't happen.
Monday was the night! Mr. D and I went out do dinner with my Momma and Aunt P, and after returning home I started to cut the fabric I needed for the much needed zippered pouch. I must confess that I cut the fabric with scissors (rather than the rotary blade out of numbing fright!). The cutting process was painfully long, but I accomplished my goal and then proceeded with my zippered pouch (I used this tutorial and would totally recommend it!).
I completed the pouch in no time (sorry I don't have a photo for you yet, but don't fret as I'll post a picture soon!), however need to do some touch up work tonight as I'm not in love with the color contrast of my cream Handmade By Candice tag against the white fabric, not to mention that the tag should be sewn in the opposite seam as I want it on the right-hand side of the zippered pouch (I'm too picky!).
As for my getaway weekend- I'm off to Vegas this Friday for my sister's Bachelorette Party...wish me luck! :)
(Note please ignore the floating periods between the paragraphs- I'm having formatting issues with Blogger- again!)

Snuggie for Dogs Review

March 8, 2010

After dinner last night Stuart was kind enough to model the Snuggie for dogs! It pains me to admit this, but Stuart was not a fan of the Snuggie (see for yourself below!). I do believe that the Snuggie provided extra warmth (on a much needed night!) and the adjustable velcro tabs made for a perfect fit; I'm sure the Snuggie is perfect for some dogs...just not our lil' Stu!

(I apologize for the photos, as they were taken with my camera phone!)

Bridal Shower Photos!

March 2, 2010

The much awaited for photos have arrived! A quick thank you to Marie, Nancy, and Grandma B. for sharing their handy work with me, for all to enjoy! :)

The Shower was held at a local neighborhood community center (aka 'The Parkhouse').

The tables were adorned with black table clothes, handmade red table runners...

...potted flowers in handmade flower pots for the centerpieces, along with festive Hershey Kisses, heart confetti, chocolate covered marshmallow pops for the favors, and Words of Wisdom cards.

The food trays were prepared the morning of as the menu consisted of sandwiches, chips, salads, and fixings.

Yummy cupcakes were served for dessert.

Presents were brought and opened! :)


Family gathered...Aunt P, Grandma B., Momma, and Grandma M.

...and the Bride-to-be left with an enormous bouquet, lovely memories, and a household full of new kitchen-ware, bath-ware, and appliances! :)