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Ouchy Mama!

February 1, 2010

I have some sad news to report, as this weekend proved to be quite trying for Mr. D and I. I was cutting fabric Saturday evening, to make a reusable shopping bag for ME, when the ruler slipped and the rotary blade met the side of my left index finger. Mr. D and I rushed to Urgent Care where I received 3 stitches (my first experience with stitches at the ripe ol' age of 27!). I'm able to rest in the fact that I wasn't making a 'stupid' or dangerous cut as I was just trimming the selvedge edges off; however I know that the blade was much duller than it should have been, which makes me think twice about being so frugal, as the monetary cost of this accident could have bought years (and years!) supply of rotary blades.

Every doctor I've seen since the incident reminds me how lucky I am, as it could have been much worse. I know that deep down inside, but am still upset and quite emotional. I believe I just need to come with terms with the fact that my side-less left index finger does not change the person I am, nor should I spend the rest of my life trying to hide it. I know that God has a great plan for my life and that he always has a reason. I continue to pray that he reveals his reason; until that time I have a couple of hunches as to what he wanted me to see/learn!

Thanks for listening to me, and to all of my dear family and Facebook friends, I'm sorry to repeat myself over and over! My momma tells me that I need to get back on the horse, and I know she's right. Sewing makes me happy and gifting handmade gifts makes me even happier. My sewing machine will soon meet my dining room table, but until then I'll be working on healing and accepting my newly shaped finger. Please be careful!


  1. :( Mistakes happen, and you are lucky that it wasn't worse than it was. You need to continue's a hobby that makes you happy!

  2. ouch!!! Having slammed my hand in the door at work (hard enough to involve 10 dr visits) I can understand some of the emotions that you are feeling. But this will pass and your newly formed finger will just become a part of who you are and also a constant reminder to be careful with that darn cutter. Im glad it wasnt any worse. I am adding "get a new rotary blade" to my to do list! By the way, what does your reusable bag look like? Sherri

  3. ow!! I recently stabbed myself with a teeny pair of really sharp scissors when I was cutting something very small - mistakes are the only things that we courageously carry with us, and that make us the authentic people we are. Please take good care of yourself and rest. Read a little, have a cup of tea - and remember we are human beings, not human doings!

  4. I am glad you are better.

    Yoou made it through 5 years of architecture school without a stitch. Goes to show you how dangerous sewing can really be.



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