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February 9, 2010

I'm happy to announce that the five years I spent in architecture school have payed off, as I recently put my mad Photoshop skills (giggle giggle) to use. :) After browsing Etsy one lovely afternoon I fell in love with the idea and design of digital invitations, thus I put myself to work and came up with the following...

The middle polka dot image is a Photoshop file, which was saved as a JPEG and printed in the photo department at our local Sam's Club. The 'photo' was then backed onto red card stock and voila!

Just like old times I enjoyed the time I spent working in Photoshop, and hope to have the opportunity to do some more design work in the future! :)


  1. The invitation is super cute :) I make my husband do all of my photoshop stuff (he is a graphic designer so really he is a nice resource to have) but I should learn to work the program myself ;)

    Hope your sister has a lovely time at her shower.

  2. Love the invitations! I know I was quite impressed with the final project. I love the theme of the shower!


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