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The 'D's Have Arrived!

February 7, 2010

Remember this post? Although it's a bit embarrassing that it took me this LONG to accomplish hanging up my 'D' collection, I have to say I'm in love with the display above the computer desk! Mr. D and I hung up the collection Saturday evening and it has totally transformed the rather drab room! I'm still on the hunt for more 'D's, so if you come across any please let me know! :)

In addition, the new bedding I ordered from Kohl's, for the spare room, arrived and exceeded my expectations! Hopefully I'll have the time/energy to put it on the bed this week!

P.S.- My stitches come out on Tuesday...hopefully I'll be sewing in no time! ;)


  1. The "D's" look great! I will continue to look for more to add to the collection.

  2. love it!! i'm a "D" girl too, so i totally might have to steal this idea...we already have one giant bronze one over the bed...lots would be even cuter!

  3. Fabulous i-d-ea! :) Have you checked out the monogram letters at Anthropologie???

  4. It turned out very nice!! I always seem to find Ds at Kohl's. They also have some online, this is one of my favorites right now..

    It's 9" tall. Good luck finding more!


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