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Bridal Shower Photos!

March 2, 2010

The much awaited for photos have arrived! A quick thank you to Marie, Nancy, and Grandma B. for sharing their handy work with me, for all to enjoy! :)

The Shower was held at a local neighborhood community center (aka 'The Parkhouse').

The tables were adorned with black table clothes, handmade red table runners...

...potted flowers in handmade flower pots for the centerpieces, along with festive Hershey Kisses, heart confetti, chocolate covered marshmallow pops for the favors, and Words of Wisdom cards.

The food trays were prepared the morning of as the menu consisted of sandwiches, chips, salads, and fixings.

Yummy cupcakes were served for dessert.

Presents were brought and opened! :)


Family gathered...Aunt P, Grandma B., Momma, and Grandma M.

...and the Bride-to-be left with an enormous bouquet, lovely memories, and a household full of new kitchen-ware, bath-ware, and appliances! :)

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  1. Candice,
    I love it. You did such a good job coordinating everything. It looks fun and elegant all at the same time. Did you arrange the food too? Im beginning to think there is no end to your talents. Seems to me that you got the creativity gene from both sides. I so wish I had been there. Thanks for sharing.
    Sherri oh, one thing missing from the pictures...YOU!


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