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Bachelorette Party Goodie Bags!

March 24, 2010

As you all know, my sister Megan is getting married (in 17 days to be exact!), and being the Matron of Honor I planned the Bachelorette party. I worked closely planning the details with one of the Bridesmaids (thank you Vanessa for the help!), as we tossed around ideas such as wine tasting, spa day, San Diego weekend, etc. and ultimately ended up in Las Vegas for the weekend!

We stayed at Caesar's Palace, within the Palace Tower; the room was recently renovated which made it a stylish and chic home away from home! We had a great time in Vegas- nothing too crazy like The Hangover (thankfully!), just a nice girl weekend with some great memories! :)

Now for the crafty part of the Bachelorette party... Growing up, hands down my favorite part of a birthday party were the goodie bags- honestly, what's not to love?

I had grand plans for the goodie bags, but was unfortunately set back by my finger incident (as I cut it while cutting the fabric for the goodie bags!). My wonderful and talented Momma offered to make the reusable grocery bags for me, one for each of the girls (including me). I absolutely LOVE how the bags turned out! We used the Jane Market Bag pattern by Alicia Paulson, two fat quarter bundles for the sides of the bags and handles, and additional fabric for the front and back panels and lining.

My bag! The white bags had a black patterned lining.

Megan's! The black bags had a pink-flowered lining (same and front and back panels).

While browsing Etsy I spotted cute polka-dotted custom wine glasses and I was in love! The price per glass was much more than I wanted to spend on the goodie bags, so I did some research and came across this! The wine glasses were instant gratification (which I love!), as the tutorial I followed was spot on! My friend Christine (thank you!) donated the vinyl, as she had scraps, which made the cost of the wine glasses very feasible! :) In addition to the wine glasses, the goodie bags were filled with snacks and hot pink beaded necklaces.

Wine glasses for all of the girls: Vanessa, Anna, Candice and Megan.

As previously mentioned, I've always been a fan of goodie bags; at the end of the day the goodie bags were a fun surprise for the girls, but were also a token of appreciation for spending the weekend with Megan and I, in celebration of her big day! Thanks for a great weekend girls!


  1. Super-cute bags! I made a little brassiere purse that would be perfect for a bachelorette party. A friend is auctioning it to raise money for a breast cancer walk. You can check it out here:

  2. Looks like you did a wonderful job on all your goodie bags!


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