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Snuggie for Dogs Review

March 8, 2010

After dinner last night Stuart was kind enough to model the Snuggie for dogs! It pains me to admit this, but Stuart was not a fan of the Snuggie (see for yourself below!). I do believe that the Snuggie provided extra warmth (on a much needed night!) and the adjustable velcro tabs made for a perfect fit; I'm sure the Snuggie is perfect for some dogs...just not our lil' Stu!

(I apologize for the photos, as they were taken with my camera phone!)


  1. Ha ha. My dog would have been the same way. I tried making him a fleece sweater once and while it did help him stay warm he hated it.

  2. He was too funny! Putting a Snuggie on him is a good way to make him behave, since he wouldn't move when he had it on.

  3. Aw, good concept, but reminds me of a strait jacket :)


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