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Productive Weekend...and Then Some!

October 18, 2009

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful (more so today than yesterday as the air conditioning was on constantly Saturday)! I was able to snap some photos outside of my recent projects. The first is the Thanksgiving decor plaque I mentioned on Thursday (cute, isn't it?).

I also finished both pairs of pajama pants, which will be sent
to Alan's best friend's kids in Georgia (I still have to make the apron for the sister). Side note for my faithful readers- I figured out why originally the crotch of the pajama pants I made was 3 inches longer than my pajama pants...according to my mom its because I don't know where my waist is! :o) I'm so thankful to have my mom close by to help!!!

I also must confess that I broke [chipped] a cereal bowl while loading the dishwasher Saturday evening. I was/am so sad...thus I'm posting about the incident for everyone to read! Looking back it is quite coincidental as just last week I was reading the archived posts of NieNie Dialogues (is anyone else a faithful reader???) and came across her postings from December 2005 where Stephanie posted their wedding anniversary tradition of buying latte bowls from Anthropologie, as with a house full of kids and a dog, bowls are bound to break. As I read Stephanie's post I remember thinking to myself that it was such a cute anniversary tradition, but that Mr. D and I wouldn't have to think about buying new bowls for a while as we're the only two in the house that use them- I guess a chipped bowl is what I get for thinking like that! :o)

P.S.- I owe my mom a HUGE thank for retrieving the chipped bowl piece from the inner workings of the sink!

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