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Friday Randomness

October 16, 2009

I personally enjoy reading blogs that give you a glimpse of a person's personality. This is my attempt at giving my readers a glimpse of me, as if we were to meet in real life, I would probably come across as very much an introvert and shy (that is until I really get to know you, then I open up!). Enjoy!

Random experiences, thoughts, and happenings- a week in review:
  • Mr. D and I went to Disneyland after work this week. We grabbed hamburgers (expensive, but very good and satisfying- I was impressed!) at CA Adventure, next to Soaring Over California. I would totally recommend them! The buns were nice and buttery and the toppings were serve-it-yourself-style (just like Fuddruckers- yum!).
  • I'm oh so TIRED of having the elevator doors at work slammed in my face- really? I was raised to patiently wait if I heard or saw someone approaching the elevator at the same time I was. The above lesson was clearly not taught to the majority of professionals that work in my building!
  • I walked outside to grab lunch and no joking its like 82 degrees outside! I don't want to jinx us Southern Californians, but it is totally earthquake weather (when its cold one day and then warms up significantly the next, one must be cautious)!
  • I pondered about walking to JoAnn's at lunch today (roughly a mile each way), but due to the weather (as mentioned in the bullet above) I decided otherwise.
  • I haven't turned on my sewing machine all week, which the more I think about it, the more it depresses me!
  • Wednesday was the best commute home in my vanpool (yep you read it correctly- I'm a vanpooler!) career- we traveled [safely] from work to the vanpool parking lot in precisely 30 minutes! I was a happy camper! :)
  • A very good friend of mine from college recently moved to Northern California, which bums me out (although he did find a job in the architecture field- which is quite amazing!).
  • The jeans I'm wearing today made the trip to and from Italy (I studied abroad during college- best decision ever!), but were never actually worn on Italian soil. (TMI?)

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