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I'm Getting My 'Craft' On!

October 9, 2009

...although haven't crafted at all this week as I've been battling headaches- not fun! Sadly the house is a hot mess, as it looks like I've been crafting (that's the major bummer about crafting on the kitchen table!), but no worries that will all change tonight as its is 'Craft Night' at my house with my friend Kiara (I'm quite excited about that)! Tonight's agenda consists of cutting the pattern pieces for the pajama pants (although I'm sure I'll find a way to procrastinate out of cutting tonight, as I believe it is the worst part of sewing!); I also have a couple of unfinished projects that I would like to wrap up...I'll post pictures upon completion!

Before signing out I'll leave you with one of my favorite photos of Stuart (it was dog I tell you!). :)

Side note- I think I hit the 'label' right on the head with Miscellaneous Ramblings! I'll be back with some post-worthy news in the near future- I promise! :)


  1. Stuart is the cutest lil pup! I love the way he gives hugs!

  2. What an adorable photo! And I loved your previous post also, your wedding photos are lovely. Blogs are great, aren't they? What a fabulous vehicle for getting to know other people!


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