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Thursday Randomness

October 29, 2009

I enjoy writing these random posts and hope that you enjoy reading them! :)
  • I don't watch too much TV, but I sure did miss my dose of Glee last night (anyone with me?).
  • Mr. D and I made peach cobbler together Tuesday evening. I really enjoyed being in the kitchen together! Note to self- next time more peaches, less cake mix, and a larger baking dish!
  • Speaking of baking, my mom and I have a pumpkin bread baking date tonight- so excited as I've wanted to try out this recipe!
  • Stuart is dressing up as a jack-o-lantern for Halloween- I'll definitely be posting photos!
  • Only in Orange County do you see a lady running for exercise while talking on her Blackberry- seriously! (I wish I had my camera with me.)
  • There's a guy that works in our building that reminds me so much of Sheldon from Private Practice! They don't look exactly alike, but have the same demeanor and a knack for awkward elevator conversations!
  • Back to bullet #1- I love House Hunters! However I wish they would disclose the career path the potential buyers have chosen, as some of them are quite spendy (especially House Hunters International!).
  • Stuart is dressing up as a jack-o-lantern for Halloween (he was a bumble bee last year- see below). I'll definitely be posting photos!

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