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Happy Halloween!

November 1, 2009

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Saturday morning started by participating in a local Quilt Shop Hop in which my mom and I went to two shops and received free Halloween fabric at each (anything to build my fabric stash!). :o) There is a larger Quilt Shop Hop in which we will be participating in on November 21st- it should be a good one (I'll post more details for the locals as the date approaches). November 21st is my Grandma M.'s 84th birthday! She is a quilter and crafter as well, and will be joining my mom and I for the Quilt Shop Hop- I'm looking forward to it!

Back to Saturday's festivities- Halloween 2009 proved to be the year of the cutest jack-o-lantern and Hillbilly (I may be a bit biased, but take a look for yourselves!).

I'll be back tomorrow (daylight savings is really kicking my hiney today!).


  1. Your jack-o-lantern looks a little apprehensive about being dressed up! He is quite adorable. And your hillbilly is very handsome.

  2. He sure cleans up nicely. Gotta love that beard!

    Both costumes are excellent ande of course Stu went trick or treating for snacks I hope.


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