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Craft Swap #2...and I'm Ready for #3!

November 8, 2009

Saturday's Craft Swap was AMAZING! We started with brunch (yummy!) and then proceeded with the Swap. Have I told you lately how amazingly creative my family and friends are? If not, see for yourselves below!

Craft Swap reveal (doesn't it look like Christmas?)!

A proud and happy Craft Swapper (details of the crafts I received below!).

French memory board by Megan
(Love it- great fabric, beautiful frame, and great details!)

Give Thanks pillow by Debbie
(She painted the leaves on using cookie cutters as guides- so innovative!)

Embroidered hand towels by Robbie (aka Momma)
(So cute that I'm afraid to use them!)

Camera bag by Sherri
(I love the fabrics and am excited to use the bag the next time Mr. D and I go to Disneyland!)

Countdown calendar by Kiara
(One side says 'Days til Christmas' and the other 'December'- so versatile!)

Happy Craft Swapper Megan with the goodies she received.

Happy Craft Swapper Debbie!

Happy Craft Swapper Robbie (aka Momma)!

Happy Craft Swapper Sherri!

Happy Craft Swapper Kiara!


  1. I had such a fun time yesterday, it did seem like Christmas! All the crafts are so nice.

  2. okay, those are so cute! how fun to have such crafty friends and to do a craft swap! i'm jealous! :)

    love your blog too!

  3. Great items. I am very smitten with the hand towel with the little sleigh.

  4. Wow how awesome! What a great idea. looks like you all had fun.

  5. Oh, how fun! Tell me you do this every year? Is it just for fun and you all make one of each of your crafts and then swap? I would LOVE to have gotten these beautiful things. So much talent!! Love the countdown to Christmas blocks and memo board. Super cute!


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