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No 'I' in Sewing

November 4, 2009

I think it's safe to say that I've been a busy sewer since purchasing my first sewing machine in January! I made a handful of projects before creating my 'Handmade By' tag, in which I produced 25 tags in June- as of today I've used 23 of the tags (which means that I have to make more tags before starting any new projects [aka my second Christmas clutch order- an additional 12 clutches!!!]!).

A family friend is coming down this weekend for the Craft Swap (so excited!), she mentioned that she wanted to see the projects that I've been working on which got me thinking- I haven't made (nor kept) anything for myself! (Although that's a-okay with me, as I love to give handmade gifts, that and I did join the blogging world to document my work in hopes of inspiring others!).

My goal for next January (after the crazy holiday season!) is to make something for myself! I'm thinking couch pillows...any other ideas?

Just a couple of pillow styles that caught my eye while browsing Etsy...





P.S- Welcome Strictly Simple Style visitors- thank you for stopping by (and I hope you come back!).


  1. I am obsessed with pillows right now. It's funny that you posted the first bird pillow. That's the same pillow that inspired my first bird pillow applique design. Great minds must think alike! I'm excited to see what you come up with! :)

  2. The one from Homecentric is my favorite. I love pillows.

  3. Has it only been since January? Amazing work, Candice!


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