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Homemade Meal [Helper] Monday (#9)!

October 26, 2009

Happy Monday everyone (I should mention that I secretly prepped this entry on Sunday and scheduled it to post on Monday?- quite nifty if you ask me)!

I'd like to start this post out with a disclosure, as I will not specifically provide you with a recipe today, however I will introduce you to a system that will cut your cooking time by more than half. (P.S.- I'm also not a Tupperware consultant, nor have I been paid by a Tupperware consultant for my following review. However should you believe me and want to try the Stack Cooker set for yourself please feel free to email me [address is listed to the right] and I will get you in contact with my Tupperware consultant- easy as that!)

I recently attended a Tupperware party (I should say I've recently been to a couple as every time there is a party someone new decides to host the next party, and I keep coming back for more. Not to mention that every month Tupperware has sales flyer [that's where I like to shop from!], which also keeps me coming back for more) where the consultant demonstrated how to cook a full meal (chicken, vegetables, and rice) in 25 minutes while not dirtying a single pot or pan! {This is where you gasp and ask how's that possible!?!} :)

Thursday evening I stepped up to the plate and prepped white rice, cauliflower, and two chicken breasts for a nice quick dinner for Mr. D and I. I simply added the rice and water in the bottom layer of the Stack Cooker, the cauliflower and a drop of water in the middle layer and the defrosted chicken breasts in the top layer. I turned the microwave on for 25 minutes and tah-dah! The white rice was cooked perfectly. The cauliflower was delicious (especially with the cheese I added), and the chicken was cooked completely (and very moist)!

The Stack Cooker comes with a handy recipe book that, which makes it easy to pull a main entree, a vegetable, and starch together in no time. The recipe book also includes desserts! I bought the ingredients to make an apple crisp (although I dipped into my apple stash over the weekend, therefore might have to go back to the store- don't you hate when that happens?), which is on my to-do list!

Okay, enough raving for one day. If you're interested, let me know, and if you have one I'd love to hear what you cook in your Stack Cooker!


  1. I am interested, it sounds fabulous!

  2. My pasta pot has a steam basket for vegetables that is a time saver. This also sounds like a great idea.


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