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Child's Apron- Complete!

October 25, 2009

With Mr. D out of town I was able to spend all Saturday sewing, and completed a child's apron for a Christmas present (I mentioned it here some time ago)! With the two pairs of pajama pants and the apron complete, all I have left to complete is the family's handmade present and then the package will be off to Georgia (I'm thinking this will be a 'Christmas in November' package).

I love how the apron turned out, although it almost ended up in the trash a couple of times as I had a very difficult time achieving a nice subtle curve where the top of the apron transitions to under the arm. Thankfully I didn't take any drastic measures as I think the apron will be a hit come Christmas morning!

10/28/09 UPDATE: P.S.- I may have been the only one bugged by the floppiness of the top of the apron (look at the photo above- do you see how the top of the apron hangs off of the straps?). No worries- I sewed a little extra 'support' where the top of the apron meets the straps now everything lays nice and pretty! :)


  1. SO, so, so CUTE! Now is the time to get Christmas presents done!;) Lori

  2. So cute! I love the addition of the ruffle!

  3. As usual, your apron turned out fantastic! The fabrics that you choose work so well together. I just know that Molly will enjoy wearing the apron when she helps her mom cook.

  4. christine souvannasaneDecember 16, 2009 at 12:37 AM

    adorable! makes me want a tall glass of lemonade. right now.


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