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A Blackberry Crisp Kind of Monday!

May 24, 2010

I just got home from a Tupperware party, which makes for a long Monday! I'm not ashamed to say that the big draw of tonight's Tupperware party was the dessert...Blackberry Crisp (a la microwave- oh yeah!). I don't have the recipe right in front of me, but the crisp (bag of frozen blackberries, half a bag of yellow or white cake mix, half a stick of butter, and Tupperware's cinnamon vanilla spice mix) was microwaved in the lid of the mighty purple stack cooker! A portion of the Blackberry Crisp served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream will win over anyone! Yummy!

Right now I'm feeling just like Stuart looks in the photo below...its off to bed I go!

PS- I made my first Etsy sale today! I've been doing my happy dance since I received the email early this morning! :) A big thank you to my very first buyer (you know who you are...)!!!


  1. YUM! I would love a blueberry crisp right now, but blackberry would do.

    Congrats on your first sale. I know you are so happy!


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