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Sunday...aka Laundry Day

May 23, 2010

It's no secret to my family and friends that I'm not a fan of laundry! Luckily, I have a large enough wardrobe that warrants not doing laundry weekly (or perhaps I should word it that I'm a pro at making what I have last as long as needed)- whew! ;) With that being said, I spent the better half of today tackling my laundry pile which resulted in five loads of my laundry and one load of house laundry (sheets, towels, etc.). In an attempt to free up precious weekend time, I want to share an article with all, one that my momma kindly sent to me last week.

Side note- I'm a fan of the Real Simple magazine, as it always has such great recipes and useful tips for things/tasks around the house. If you're not a subscriber to the magazine, don't fret as you can still access some great information from their website!

Okay, back to the daunting task of laundry! There are a couple great tips from the article that I think I might try to implement, as creating a weekly laundry schedule will save me from spending ALL day on Sundays doing laundry, thus freeing up more family and sewing time- yeah! I also love the suggestion to hang most of one's clothes, rather than folding- I wish...I would need a couple closets if I attempted that! ;)

I actually do have a quick and funny (slightly embarrassing) story regarding laundry. I spent a year during college living in Florence, Italy, where I had to hang my laundry, as dryers are not the norm. I was renting an apartment on the third floor, and the clothes line was over the first floor tenant's courtyard. One day I was busy hanging up my undergarments to dry when the unthinkable happened...I lost grip on one (undergarment) and watched it plummet to the floor of the courtyard. I was so embarrassed!!! Later that week I got home from school to find my undergarment hanging on the banister of the first floor- again I was so horrified! Looking back it's all quite funny- thankfully! (I'm not quite sure why I shared that story with the just kind of came out.) :)

Okay, enough funny stories for one night! Do you do your laundry all in one day, or spread it throughout the week?


  1. thanks for the post! great article!

  2. Love RS.

    Laundry, well, in my mind I have a day set aside, but in real just happens when it happens.


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