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Now I Can Jump In Puddles!

March 21, 2011

Looks as though this is going to turn out to be shoe week, here at Made With Love!  :)  The rain boots I mentioned yesterday, arrived today (thank you, UPS man!).  I now technically have two pairs of rain boots, as I had picked up a pair of black and white rain boots at Sam's Club, but when browsing online at Kohl's, a pair of black and white rain boots, with a turquoise accent, jumped into my shopping cart!  

Here's where I need your and white (with funky distorted polka dots on the toes) or black and white with a turquoise accent.  Feel free to cast your vote in the comment section!  :)

Here's a shot of the boots from the back (not quite sure why my legs look so off-kilter!!!).  

PS- How cute is Stuart?  :)


  1. I personally LOVE the black and white ones with the funny dots on the toes. I like the height on that pair better, and I've just always been a fan of black and white! But both are totally cute!

  2. I like the height on the black and white pair but I say go for whatever is most comfortable because they're both adorable.And I never get tired of stuart pictures!

  3. I would typically go with smaller dots, but I love the two different dot sizes (of the Sam's Club one?). Cute! Never occurred to me to have rainboots in SoCal :)

  4. I love the boots with the turquoise accent! I'm suprised I haven't invested in a pair of rain boots yet. Especially since I live somewhere where it is more likely raining than not. But then again, I don't use my umbrella... Have fun in the puddles!

  5. I would go with the Totes. If you step in a puddle deeper then them your are in trouble.

    Who is the pooch looking at?

  6. I'm sorta partial to the ones with the blue accent. But I love the height of the other ones! Keep 'em both! That's what I do when I can't decide!

  7. I really like the one with the turquoise accent,
    it makes your leg look slimmer.

    Love.........Grandma B


I LOVE your comments, and read them all! Thank you! :)