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March 20, 2011

Last week or so I was watching Regis and Kelly (just for a minute!) and Regis mentioned that the majority of women in the U.S. have 17 pairs of shoes, but only wear an average of three pairs (which got me thinking!).  When I moved a couple of weeks ago I took the opportunity to weed the shoes that I never wore (I got to the point that I was tired of lugging the around for no reason!), which left me with +/- 12 pairs, and my go-to slippers (the top left pair in the photo below). 

I've since added a pair of TOMS shoes (although still in the box) and am thinking about a pair of Steve Madden boots (they are super cute, but don't fit perfectly...I'm trying to justify the purchase!), and I'm expecting UPS to deliver a super cute pair of rain boots tomorrow.  :)  With that said, I guess I don't fit in the 'majority' category for the number of shoes I own, but I do have to say that I tend to swap out between my three favorite pairs of shoes (#1- Rainbow Sandals, #2- New Balance Sneakers, and #3- black Aldo flats).  Do you wear all of the shoes in your closet?

PS- I also hang my clothes by color!  How do you organize your clothes?  :)


  1. I have LOTS of shoes, but do not wear some at all, I should really get rid of them. I organize my clothes by color and short sleeve, sleeveless and long sleeve.

  2. I also have lots of shoes, mostly TOMS which I keep in their boxes. My clothes are mainly arranged by which ones I wear the most - those are in the middle where they're easiest to grab!

  3. I have lots of shoes. Probably at least 17 pairs. I do wear them and then. But on a daily basis, I rotate between a few favorites. My closet is a pure mess right now. Have never really gotten organized after this last move.

  4. About five years ago on your first day of work at GF, you were wearing a pair of pink strappy heels adorned with either a flower or a butterfly - I remember because they were being highly coveted :) Did those get rotated out?

  5. this is too funny.
    i hang my clothes by color too.
    my closet looks like Rainbow Brite. apparently i like lots of color.
    and i am very guilty of wearing the same shoes over and over and over.

  6. I love this idea, I may steal it and do a closet post (once I get it organized) lol.


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