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Gymnastics 101

March 17, 2011

Stuart cracks me up, plain and simple!  Last night he decided to take up gymnastics, and try his hand out at walking the balance beam (aka the frame of the couch).  He started out doing well (if I was a judge I would have totally given him a 10!), but towards the end he got weary and fell off the balance beam...and landed between the frame of the couch and the back cushion.  LOL

I think that he was a bit embarrassed, but thankfully Grammy was there to console him, so he stayed for some petting, a few photos, and then went about his normal everyday business!  :)


  1. That grandpuppy of mine is quite a monkey!

  2. he is SO adorable! I love these pictures!

  3. Stuart is the best! He made the beginning of my day quite entertaining :)


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