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March 31, 2011

I found this cute four-poster dog bed in one of free Lowe's magazines that the mailman delivered.  I would LOVE to make one for Stuart, but I know that he wouldn't utilize the cute four-poster bed, as this is where he prefers to sleep...

I get the right side of the bed, and he's claimed the left side.  He typically naps on top of the covers, but sleeps under the covers during the night.  He sure has it made!  :)

Per Stuart's request, in the next coming weeks I would love to display a photo/story of your dog (with a link back to your blog)!

To submit a photo, all you have to do is send an email to me at:

Please include the following...
One photo
Your name
Your Blog Title + URL
Your dog's name
A little something about your dog (special talents/tricks, fun fact, etc.).

P.S.- I'm assuming you probably thought that I forgot my promise of a photo of my new Target bedding- didn't you???  Well, I didn' just took a while to make my bed!  Not bad for $22- eh?  :)

P.P.S- We'll be celebrating starting Monday.  Work got a little bit crazier than I had anticipated at the end, so I haven't had the chance to sew anything for the pending giveaway.  That and I'm still debating on making a couple changes to my blog...I need to sleep on it a bit more.  Please come to visit on Monday!  :)


  1. I love that bedding, and I love that you got such a great deal on it! You should expect a dog email from me, you know I love my little girl lol.

  2. I would not make a bed for my dog, because this week she was gross and got into a diaper. It was nasty and made me want to throttle her!

  3. He loves your bed because it smells like you! I just love Stuart. He's great. I love your bedding, too!


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