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Hot Days = Lazy Days!

July 15, 2010

It's been an uneventful week in my neck of the woods, thus I don't have too much to report! The first couple of weeks in July were nice and cool as the lack of 'June gloom' translated into 'July gloom' and that was fine by me! All of that changed this week as it has been so stinkin' hot! I'm going to sound like an old lady, but I grew up in extreme summer temperatures and handled it well, but as I get older I get crankier and crankier when its hot outside! :( Here's to hoping that 'July gloom' returns!

I hope to get some good quality sewing time in today, as I'm working on something special for my Squirmy Worm Studio won't want to miss it!

My super-duper talented Craft Swap group is coming together for round #3 in the Fall, which means I need to get started on my craft! The group has changed as we have a new addition, which makes the group double as a mother/daughter group, which I think is so awesome! I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such crafty and inspirational ladies! :) I've been meaning to ask, has anyone started a Craft Swap of their own? If so, I would love to hear how its going!

That's all of the announcements/updates I have for today; in the meantime I leave you with this cute photo of Stuart, as he was practicing for the Major Leagues! :)


  1. Totally understand. For me heat = :( and we have had a heat index of 108! That's just not right.

  2. Too bad that Maggie shortened Stu's career, since she skinned the baseball and ate the leather :(


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