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I LOVE New Fabric!

July 19, 2010

If you're looking for the Squirmy Worm Studio Appreciation here (giveaway ends Friday!).

The fabric I ordered online arrived via UPS on Friday, and I have to say I always act like a giddy school girl when I get new fabric, as it always brightens my day! :) Below are thumbnails of the fabric that I received. For the most part, the fabrics in the left column will be used as the outside fabric for the Diaper Pods, and the right column will be is the lining fabric (aren't they all so pretty!?!).

I've ordered enough fabric to make two Diaper Pods of each fabric combination as well as two sets of Sloppy Worm Wipes. I'm hoping to be able to offer a Squirmy Worm Set consisting of a coordinating Diaper Pod and Sloppy Worm Wipes as well as a Diaper Pod and set of Sloppy Worm Wipes that can be purchased separately (hopefully that makes sense to all!). If you see a fabric combination that you are interested in, please feel free to contact me and I'll set up a custom order, as I would hate for you to miss out on one of the two Diaper Pods.

I spent some time this afternoon cutting fabric for two Diaper Pods...any idea of which two fabric combinations I started with? I'll give you a hint- the first combination coordinates with this Nursing Cocoon in the shop, and the second is the color of the soothing ocean! :o)

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