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July 12, 2010

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! My 'weekend' started on Friday as I spent the afternoon sewing with my Momma. Friday I finished up two sets of Sloppy Worm Wipes and a Squirmy Worm Set (see photos below), while my Momma was working on some really cute applique pillows- hopefully she'll let me share them with all upon completion! (Hint, hint) :)

Squirmy Worm Set- Michael Miller AndaLucia Mod Blooms Earth

Saturday we went to see 'Despicable Me', which was super cute! I walked away with two distinct thoughts- a) I WANT a Minion of my own!!!! and b) between 'Toy Story 3' (last weekend) and 'Despicable Me', I've had way too much movie theater popcorn (oh, and Harkins' popcorn is much tastier than AMC's...I'm just saying!). Saturday evening and Sunday after church I worked on two additional Nursing Cocoons- woo hoo! All finished products have been added to the shop!

Nursing Cocoon- Riley Blake Black Boo Skulls and Pink Summer Dot

The 'new' fabric that my sister helped pick for the shop is due to arrive on Friday, which means I should have some great new Diaper Pods to choose from early next week- yeah for variety! :)

I hope everyone has/had a great Monday! :)


  1. I will be honored to share my pillows when I am finished with them.


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