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Mementos From Texas!

January 18, 2010

Growing up did your parents ever bring you home a little memento from their trip/vacation? I can't particularly pinpoint what or when, but I know that my parents did, and this time will be no different! My momma is in Houston (technically southeast of Houston) for the week with my Dad, and because she's the best mom in the world, she went to Hobby Lobby with a shopping list. Yes you read it right; the great state of California, home of eternal sunshine, Disneyland, beaches, happy cows (he he he), delicious wine, and avocados is not lucky enough to be home to Hobby Lobby (we have Michael's and JoAnn's- both which do not compare to the selection and prices of Hobby Lobby!).


Word has it that my momma is coming home with all of the supplies needed to make Ashley's Apothecary Jars. If you're not familiar with Shanty2Chic's blog, you should totally take a look around as Ashley and Whitney are two very creative sisters!

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  1. ok, i have to try to comment again as I want to second the fact that yes you indeed have the best momma in the whole world! And what a fun project you will have when she gets home!
    I hope she has been having some fun there as I know she expressed that she was in need of some.


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