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A Big {Overdue} Thank you...

January 16, 2010 Kristi of Just Simply Southern and The Chubby Dove! My mailbox has been feeling the love lately! I always get excited when the mailbox is full of something other than bills, however I get extra excited when there is something homemade in my mailbox (do you know the feeling?)!

I absolutely love the frame from Just Simply Southern! The distressed wood is beautiful, and I can easily change out the photo (my kind of frame!). Kristi's Etsy shop is full of beautiful frames, all different sizes, patterns, and colors...go on and browse!

The photo/memo clip from The Chubby Dove is a perfect addition to my kitchen! As seen above, I plan to use it as a recipe card holder for when I'm busy whipping up something in the kitchen! :) The Chubby Dove's Etsy shop is full of great photo/memo clips, frames, and buttons (just to name a few!) know the drill, go on and browse!

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  1. awww...i'm so glad you like your frame :)

    have a very blessed day,


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