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Lunch (Monday-Friday)...

January 15, 2010

This is definitely a random post, but then again it’s all about the spontaneity- right? :)

Up until mid-December I'd walk over to the Taco Bell corporate building 3-4 days a week to pick up something from their food court, however they moved and thus I've had to change my routine. I've been getting accustomed to bringing Lean Cuisine's 3-4 times a week, and treating myself to something 'out' (within walking distance) once a week, but my oh my its getting to be quite difficult to remember to grab something from the freezer before I leave for work. Perhaps if I cooked dinner more regularly I could bring the leftovers for lunch, but then again I’ve never been a big leftover eater.

For all of the working ladies (and men!) out there, what's your normal Monday-Friday lunch routine?


  1. Bring a Lean Cuisine, and then see if any of my coworkers have any better plans.. LOL.. I am easily persuaded to eating out!

  2. A total leftovers brown-bagger. Although that photo above has inspired me to get a little "hip"!


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