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Happy New Year!

January 4, 2010

Happy [belated] New Year to all of my family, friends, and followers! After an unscheduled December blogging break...I'm back! The latter part of December was spent with family and friends, good food, family game nights, family movie nights, and Mr. D and I on the couch playing Wii- sorry I just couldn't pry myself away long enough to tend to my blog (please forgive me!).

Enough with the excuses! 2010 is a near year and I'm hoping to challenge myself and broaden my crafting and blogging abilities! I've purchased a pattern and supplies to complete a cross-stitched stocking for Mr. D in time for Christmas 2010! I'm also starting to dab into the world of painting [gasp!]. I love Kim's artwork of Endless Possibilities, and am referencing her Anatomy Of a Painting as my how-to guide! As much as I hate trial and error, I know it's the only way to improve (I keep telling myself that I'm sure I wasn't a great with a sewing machine when I started in fourth grade...but with time I've improved!).

As for my blogging abilities, if you're anything like me, I get quite annoyed when a blog is only updated every week or two (...and I'm so guilty of that!). I'd love to provide all with more daily ramblings, photos, etc. but what I would really love is for you to tell me what you would like to see or read about! Did you enjoy the Homemade Meal Mondays? Do you prefer for me to just ramble? I'd love to post a craft project everyday, but with working full time and being the perfectionist I am, it's not possible. Do you enjoy the cute pictures of Stuart (he he he!...if so I'll have my agent talk to his agent about him getting more blog time)?

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  1. I am glad to see that you are back blogging!!!


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