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The Sewing Summit Recap- Part 2!

October 12, 2011

I'm so glad you returned for Part 2!  :)  Saturday was a busy day!  My first session, Documenting Your Creativity: Blogging and Social Media, was with Dana Bolyard of Old Red Barn Co.   Dana started the session with this video on the Social Media Revolution.  If you have time I would suggest watching it, as its definitely an eye opener. 

I had no idea that there were over 200,000,000 blogs.  With that being said, I am absolutely humbled and grateful for each one of you that visit my little blog!  

Dana and I

Dana highlighted on what great blogs consist of, which include but are not limited to:
  • Clear focus. (Crafts/Tutorials/Business/Stuart)
  • Interesting and engaging content.  (I may achieve this on a good day)
  • Post new content regularly.  (Before I get any emails...I'm working on this one!!!)
  • Photos.  (I try)
  • Substance/personal stories.
My second session, Photographing Your Creations: Simple Changes for Maximum Impact, was with Vanessa Christenson of Vand Co.  I have to say that Vanessa is so sweet in person, in fact exactly what I had imagined her to be.  I saw her in May at Quilt Market, but was too nervous to go up to say hello!

Vanessa and I (Not quite sure why I still look asleep!)

Vanessa's session included helpful tips on discovering your style, lighting dos and don'ts, getting to know your camera, and setting up the shot.  Oh, and I should probably mention that I hauled my big ol' DSLR camera to Utah and never used it!  I really need to find myself a Photography 101 class- ASAP!  

I was very much looking forward to Vanessa's class, as photos are everything on Etsy!  I was lucky enough to have talented help with my sewing pattern covers, but when it comes to Etsy I'm flying solo (which is scary!).  Here's to hoping that I can implement Vanessa's ideas and come out on top!  PS- I also LOVE this graphic that Vanessa shared with the class.  I'll ever pass up a cheat sheet!  :)

My third session, Creative Fabric Selection: Moving Beyond Fabric Collections, was with Jeni Baker of In Color Order.  I was particularly looking forward to this class, as although I think I'm competent when it comes to selecting fabrics, I also know that I rarely take chances.  I'm always too afraid of wasting fabric (sad, I know!).  Here are a couple examples of Jeni's work.

The class focused on the color wheel (warm & cool colors, analogous color scheme, harmonizing color scheme, complementary color scheme, split complementary color scheme, triadic color scheme), fabric (color, accents, scale, pattern, value/saturation, basics), inspiration (photographs, surroundings, fabric).

Oooh, and have I mentioned that at the end of class, Jeni announced that Robert Kaufman donated Kona color cards for everyone in the class!?!  I think I about peed my pants!  I've always admired the Kona solids, but my local quilt shops never carried a large variety, and ordering a solid online is a bit scary, as colors tend to be distorted on a computer screen.  Now I can reference the Kona color card, and order my fabric online with confidence!  :)

The last session of the day, Modern Machine Applique: Skills You Need for a Variety of Projects, was with Natalia Bonner of Piece N QuiltIn a nutshell, Natalia's applique technique (using easily accessible supplies) is as follows:
  • Heavily starch the back of the fabric (background fabric and applique fabric).
  • Cut applique shape.
  • Glue applique shape to background fabric with glue stick.
  • Applique.
The starching process helps to prevent the fabric from fraying, and gluing the applique fabric to the background fabric, means that there is no need for pesty pins!  Natalia brought along some samples of her work, and I have to say that I absolutely fell in love with these flowers.  Looks at the pleated petals!

Out of curiosity, what do you enjoy sewing most- quilts, crafts, or garments.  (The Sewing Summit proved to have a nice mix of quilters, crafters, and seamstresses!)
PS- I'll meet you back here on Thursday for a recap of Sunday!


  1. awesome!!!!!
    I feel like I have been there and gleaned some wonderful info!!! Much of what you shared reinforces my thought processes!!! yeah!!!!
    Thanks for the great review and love the pics too!!!

  2. dude you better flag me down and say hello this time around. i can't believe you didnt say hello in spring! silly girl!

  3. This looks like it was really a "worth-it" seminar for you to go to. I wish I could have gone, too! I need these things in the summer, when my schedule is not so frantic.


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