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The Sewing Summit Recap- Part 1!

October 11, 2011

I spent four days in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, and am now home snuggling with Stuart (I missed him SO much!).   
My weekend extravaganza started early Friday morning.  My sweet Momma dropped me off at the airport at 5:20 am (which means I was up at 4 am- oy vey!). I flew into Las Vegas, had an hour or so layover, and then was on my way to my final destination.


The Nevada desert from my window seat. 

I was tempted to play during my layover, but decided not to waste any of my fabric money!  :) 

Just outside Salt Lake City, again from my window seat.

On the ground in Salt Lake City. you see ALL of that snow on the mountains!?!  Let's just say that this CA girl froze most of the weekend!

Before arriving at the airport I had plans to meet up with Darci and Becky, as we were all flying in about the same time.  Once I landed I received a text message from Becky, and we were shortly thereafter all united.  I was so happy to share a cab with these sweet girls, as I had horrible anxiety about going to The Sewing Summit solo.  We arrived at the airport and were lucky enough to check-in early.

Check out my home away from home, at The Little America hotel!!!

After I settled into my room, Becky and I headed into the heart of downtown for some lunch.  We then continued on our journey and spent some time walking around The Gateway.  Speaking of grabbing lunch, I went to pay for my sandwich only to realize that I had left my wallet in my carry on, which was in my hotel room.  Thankfully my new sweet friend was more than willing to lend me money for lunch (oy- I'm still embarrassed about my forgetfulness!).

Friday night The Sewing Summit held a welcome reception at the hotel, with drinks and appetizers.  I'm not very good and mingling, but I did the best that I could.  Friday night Becky and I were invited to dinner with eight other sweet ladies.

Come back tomorrow for a Recap of Saturday's classes, and then I'll finish up on Thursday covering Sunday and Monday- deal!?!


  1. Candice, I am oh so very proud of you for going to this event!!! I am sure you will look back with fond memories. I know it is challenging to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, but look at all the grand adventures we miss when we limit ourselves!
    Can't wait to hear more!!! Love, love that room too!

  2. Little America is one of my favorite hotels. It just feels so luxurious!

  3. Looks like a fantastic time!!!

  4. Hey girlie: We'll be at Moda from 8 - 10 on Sunday. Can you come by? Want to meet for lunch around 12? Call me 661 343 0348.


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