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Quilt Market- Sample Spree

October 29, 2011

Hi Friends!  I'm in Houston for Quilt Market and wanted to share a couple highlights of Friday, which included Sample Spree!

The day started with a nice stroll through Hobby Lobby, and I have to say that I am SO happy that they opened semi-local stores in California!!!  I can't wait to do some serious craft shopping when I get home!  :)

Here's a look at our drive in to Houston...nice, eh?

Sample Spree is a two hour frenzy, that starts at 8pm.  Our goal was to get in line at 5pm, however our planned errands didn't take as long as expected, and traffic was very cooperative, so we (my momma and I) actually got in line at 4pm (crazy, I know!).  See the yellow arrow?  That's us, about 8 people or so from the front of the line! 


I have to say that the highlight of Friday was meeting sweet Brooke in person!  I've only known Brooke for a short time (via emails and her blog), but I am absolutely smitten with her!  She is so genuine, gracious, and kind...I am truly blessed to have her in my life!

Back to the craziness of Sample Spree!  There were three lines to get in the door.  Here is a view of one of the lines (it might be hard to decipher, but there were A LOT of ladies in line!!!).

I didn't get any photos of Sample Spree, once the doors were open, as frankly I forgot.  Its quite an intense experience, and I needed to focus.  :)  I picked up fat quarters from Anthology, yard cuts from Art Gallery, three spools of large ric rac, and fat quarters from Adornit + Bernatex + Henry Glass + Andover (Meet the Gang and Outfoxed).


My Momma also picked up some fun stuff!  An Adornit table runner kit, Mod Tod fat quarter bundle, 10" stackers of Sunny Happy Skies, fat quarters from Anthology, fat quarters from Bernatex + + Moda (Good Fortune by Kate Spain) + Henry Glass + Andornit.

Here's a photo of all of the loot in our small carry-on suitcase- HA!  I can't wait to get home and play with my sewing machine!  :)  What fabrics are you excited to get your hands on?


  1. I love all the fun fabric that I got at Sample Spree!! Thanks for taking me to Quilt Market!

  2. Lucky girl! I'd love to see more of what's in those Anthology boxes. Detailed photos when you get home, please...

    3 spools of jumbo ric rac.... that is totally awesome.... I love your fabric choices.... so happy u are having so much fun=))))))

  4. What a great haul you guys made! I got some of that Meet the Gang fabric from Julie. Totally cute! I am so glad you got to go and to have so much fun!


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