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'HO HO HO' Holiday Bunting Tutorial

October 4, 2011

I'm so excited that the cat is finally out of the bag (I have a hard time keeping tutorials under wraps!!).  Are you ready to do some Christmas sewing and/or interested in a Bunting tutorial?  Either way, make sure to hop on over to Notes From The Patch, as I'm guest posting on Suzanne's blog today- woo hoo!

If that's not convincing's a little sneak peek!


  1. Yowser I love it!!! Pullleasse tell me the name of the fabric with the reindeer names on it?

  2. love, love it!!!!!!
    awesome job!!!

  3. You do great tutorials!! LOVE the holly berry details!!

  4. That bunting is SO cute! It was so nice to meet you last weekend. Let me know if you come back up to Strawberry Patches. I'd love to get together.

  5. Candice, this project is so cute! You are amazingly creative!


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