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My New Sewing Desk!

February 3, 2011

Remember when I mentioned in this post that I was going to have a sewing desk built for my sewing studio? Unfortunately the gentleman that I was going to commission to build the desk has a year's waiting list, and let me tell you patience is not one of my strengths! I asked family and friends for any recommendations for carpenters and after getting back some of the price quotes, thankfully I was sitting down, I had it in my head that I could build my own sewing desk (you know because I DID take woodworking in 7th grade!). ;)

My Grandma M. got word of my dilemma and called the house asking if I was interested in her sewing desk.

I of course jumped at the chance, and am so very honored to have her sewing desk as I know she's spent so much time at the desk over the years. She also mentioned that my Grandpa had bought her the desk which makes it even more special in my eyes!

The desk is in need of a quick wipe down and either some paint or another coat of varnish. I'm not quite sure that my sewing machine will fit into the desk's opening (I haven't had the energy to lug my machine downstairs and into the garage yet!), but if not I'm sure I can find someone to help me find a solution.

While I have your attention, make sure to check out The Quilted Fish's blog tomorrow as KarriLyne of the Freckled Whimsy is posting the first tutorial as a Creative Consultant. So exciting! Every Friday there will be a new tutorial, for a different contributor, so make sure to mark your calendars! :)


  1. Oh that is so special Candace! You are so lucky to have the lovely heirloom.

  2. How fun! If it were me, I would strip it and paint it a fun color. I hope your machine fits!

  3. I can not wait to see how you refurbish the cabinet! I know you have some great ideas!!

  4. Ohhh I see some great possiblities! Even more special that it came from Grandparents ;). Keep us posted on the results!

  5. Oh, great desk. And so special to have it from your Grandma. That just makes it the best. Love it. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I know you can get lucite cut to fit your machine and any hole, so you'll be able to work around that.

  6. Oh how nice. I know you will enjoy creating with this great find.


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