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So Close, Yet So Much To Do!

November 9, 2010

It's officially Tuesday, and the Craft Show is Friday afternoon- yikes! If you're local and are thinking about stopping by (yeah!), all of the details are provided below...

I feel as though I have completed much of the required preparation, yet my to-do list is still intense! The sewing portion is almost complete as I worked on seven Coffee Burlap Tote Bags yesterday, which need to be top-stitched, and then they are ready to make their debut at the Craft Show! :)

In addition to completing the Coffee Burlap Tote Bags, I need to:
  • Complete my table set up (we did a trial run last weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised that I had much more product on the table than I had anticipated!).
  • Coffee Burlap Tote Bag display (this is probably the biggest item on my to-do list!!!). I sketched up a PVC pipe display to place on my table where the Tote Bags would hang at eye level. With time not on my side, I need to decide today whether or not I'm going to make a display or place the Tote Bags in a basket on the table....ahhhh decisions! ;)
  • Price tags (we'll be making cute worm tags, with the Cricut machine, to attach to all of the baskets on the table that will have the price and info about the product).
  • Cut out fabric 'Squirmy Worm' letters to temporarily adhere to the fall bunting I received at the Craft Swap (I plan to hang the banner at the front of my table).
  • Print Squirmy Worm Studio stickers to adhere to the brown kraft bags I picked up for all purchases.
  • Swing by the bank for change, etc.
  • If time permits, I hope to make a few more of the Appliqued Zippered Pouches...


  1. Exciting! I would love to see photos of your setup! I'm sure it'll be A-mazing.


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