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My First Craft Show Experience...

November 14, 2010

I'm happy to report that I survived my first Craft Show experience...woo hoo! The Craft Show was a small venue, with only a few handmade vendors, thus more of a Holiday Boutique, but nonetheless I enjoyed myself and everyone enjoyed my Coffee Burlap Tote Bags- score! :)

The Vendor Aprons worked like a charm! :)

Before leaving the house I organized all of my merchandise and put them into baskets, thus we had a quick (and painless) setup!

I had agonized about how I was going to display the Coffee Burlap Tote Bags for weeks before the Show, and unfortunately came up empty handed after searching on the internet for ideas/tutorials. I sat down with a sketch pad and pencil and came up with the PVC contraption shown below...which worked like a charm! I'll post a mini tutorial on how to make a handbag display piece on Tuesday! :)


  1. Your display looks fantastic! Love the tote bags, too--great job!

  2. Oh- cool! I like your picture from the show. That tote bag holder is a great idea.

    I am going to sign up for a show (first attempt!) in the next month or so and I am trying to decide how to set up my table. I like the idea of having everything ready to go in containers beforehand. I was thinking of using glass punch bowls to hold all my small items, although that could get heavy to carry in.


I LOVE your comments, and read them all! Thank you! :)