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Fall 2010 Craft Swap

October 20, 2010

As a follow up to Monday's post, I'm so excited to share with you what the Craft Swap group made for the Fall Swap.

I think this post calls for proper introductions!

The Fall 2010 Craft Swap group consisted of Shana, Momma, Kiara, Me, Sherri, and Debbie (who was out of town on a business!).

First up is Shana's Craft Swap Project...Fall Bunting!
(The Bunting is beautifully sewn and the fabrics and colors are spot on!)

Jingle All The Way Shadow Box by Momma!

(Such a fun and unique holiday decoration. I might have to make a couple of these for gifts this year!)

Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklaces by Kiara!

(I love the graphics Kiara used. Who knew that Scrabble tiles could be so versatile?)

Darling Pincushions and assorted goodies by Sherri!

(I never knew that pincushions could be this cute! I love mine and have it next to my sewing machine, as I'm too nervous to use it- HA!)

Silverware Roll-ups by Debbie!

(Such a great idea, as the roll-ups are perfect for picnics, potlucks, camping, etc!)

I hope you've enjoyed the recap of the Fall 2010 Craft Swap! :)

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  1. What a fun idea to host a craft swap!! Your mom sent me the link to your blog to check out the Jingle All the Way frames she made for everyone. It turned out super cute!! All of these swaps are amazing...what a group of talented women!

    Your blog is beautiful, Candice! I haven't been by in awhile, but that goes for a lot of blogs...this past year has flown on by, but I'm just now starting to feel like I'm catching up. Just in time for the busy-ness of the holiday season to arrive, of course! ;)


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