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Skull iPod Cozy!

October 27, 2010

Is it just me, or is sewing for men just plain hard? My Dad travels a lot (a lot might be an understatement!) and I wanted to sew him a little something for the road. He mentioned that he didn't have a case for his new iPod, thus his one-of-a-kind skull iPod Cozy!

I sat down one afternoon, with out a tutorial, and started out by measuring the height and width of the iPod. I added the needed seam allowances to both dimensions and started sewing! The Cozy is fully lined and has a layer of quilt batting, which helps to protect the screen from any minor accidents! :)

Next on my Miscellaneous Sewing To-Do List (after the Craft Show is over!) are cell phone cozies for my Momma and I! I'll start out by measuring the height and width and adding the appropriate seam allowances, just like I did for the iPod Cozy, but perhaps this time I'll write up a tutorial to share with all! :)

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  1. A tutorial would be great! I would love to have one....but now with skulls.


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