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April 19, 2010

I've been thinking about Squirmy Worm Studio (did I mention that I picked a name on Etsy???), and what I want to provide to my customers. I have my ideas, but I would like to extend the invitation to my readers and Followers to tell me what sort of products you are looking to buy on Etsy. If you're willing to help, please take a glance a the big green rectangle in the right-hand column. Please check the three things you would be most likely to buy online, and then simply press 'vote' (blue text) at the bottom of the box. I'll leave the poll open for a week, and then post the results...this should be fun! :)

Below are some photo samples of the product choices within my poll. Please note that all products will be altered to fit the needs of my Squirmy Worm Studio customers!

My first attempt at designer Burp Cloths (ric rac to be added).

Nursing Cover-Up (Source)

My first attempt at a Diaper Clutch (to be redesigned).

Crayon Rolls (Source)

Note: It's been brought to my attention that my long winded product descriptions were cut short in the here they are in all their glory (just in case you were wondering what I was really getting at!).

Which three things would you be most inclined to buy online?
1. Burp Cloths (white 6-ply burp cloths adorned with decorative fabric and ric rac).
2. Burp Cloth Kits (white 6-ply burp cloths + fabric + ric rac + instructions for the crafty mom/grandma/aunt/friend).
3. Nursing Cover-Ups (cotton privacy shields with an adjustable strap and boning, allowing a continuous view of your little one).
4. Diaper Clutch (special clutch for the mom on the go…holds a couple diapers and a wipes case).
5. Wet Bag (cotton zippered bag with waterproof lining for wet diapers/clothes/swim suits).
6. Diaper Bag (cotton bag with interior pockets, and quilt batting sewn between the layers).
7. Fabric (for the crafty mom/grandma/aunt/friend that wants to make their own burp cloths, wet bags, etc.).
8. Notions (ribbon and jumbo ric rac {measuring 1 13/32”}).
9. Crayon Rolls
(for the older brothers and sisters- rolls keep crayons neatly organized while on the go and easily fit into mom’s purse/tote bag/diaper bag).

Come back tomorrow for a preview of the fabrics that have caught my eye!

Thanks in advance for your participation! :)


  1. You are incredible! I can't wait to buy from your shop (for my preggo friends of course).

  2. All of your items are so beautiful. I wish you much success (and fun) in this new venture.



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