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Focused Space Rangers

April 2, 2010

My Momma and I went to Disneyland a couple weeks back, as it was my {not so} bright idea to go Friday evening after work- my oh my it was a busy night at D-land! Like the Troopers {or perhaps Rangers} that we are, we made the most of our time at D-land, as it is the Happiest Place On Earth!

I seem to ALWAYS forget my camera when heading to D-land, but thankfully the Astro Blasters ride has a free service where you can send a photo to your email account (see below). I'm not quite sure at what point in the ride the photo was taken, but from the looks of it we were two very focused Space Rangers!

Happy Friday! :)


  1. Hmmm... I think I may be Space Ranger number 2?? Or, maybe, I am just wishing I was number 2. As you can see, I have quite an issue with the laser guns.

  2. I love how you two looked sooo determined and serious! LOL Love it!


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