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Childhood Memories!

April 14, 2010

I’m a product of the early 80’s, and thus Lolly Dolly is a part of my early childhood memories. I actually was gifted two identical dolls, one which I dubbed Lolly, and conveniently the other was Dolly. The dolls were made by Fisher Price, and were marketed as washable dolls, as they were made of cloth. Lolly Dolly’s body was pink gingham with a plain pink romper, and white ruffled collar. Her plain pink hat had a ruffled trim with light orange yarn hair peeping out from under it (see photo above). Her eyes were blue sewn on fabric buttons and her nose and mouth were embroidered in floss.

Sadly my Lolly Dollies were so well loved that their arms and legs are barely attached as I was known to chew away on their appendages. Earlier this year my Momma and I were browsing Etsy (well I was browsing and then called my Momma with excitement) as low and behold an original Lolly Dolly popped up in the Recently Listed item section (they have an awesome vintage category)! Being the awesome Mom that she is, my Momma purchased the Lolly Dolly for me for sentimental reasons, and who knows- if one day Mr. D and I have a little girl she might get to have her very own Lolly Dolly! Yeah for childhood memories! :)


  1. Oh! I had that doll, and we had one in blue too!

  2. I can still picture you chewing on your Lolly Dolly's hand, with the rest of the doll hanging from your mouth ;)! You chewed them so much that Grandma Myers replaced the hands, and told you that you were not allowed to chew on them anymore. Being the obedient child you were, you stopped.

  3. I still have my doll! Well, techically, my girls do I guess. I had no idea what her name was. But she was a favorite of mine!

  4. My sister had one of these when she was a child, she called her *Baby Dolly*. She just had a daughter last week, and I thought it would be great to buy my niece one of these dolls. Searching online, came across your blog and it made me smile. :o)

  5. Do you know where these can be purchased. My daughter is 33 years old and just had her first little girl. I still had her Lolly Dolly that she received in 1980.


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