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Wood, Paint, and Mod Podge

September 5, 2009

As promised in the post below, the project is complete and thus a little show and tell!

I've found myself to be in awe of (and very inspired by) hopeink's scripture art. I first started toying around with a blank digital canvas in Photoshop, but decided that it just wasn't 'my style', thus the finished project below (click on the photo for a larger view)!

The piece above was made with a very special lady in mind, Jayme, my church small group leader. Just a little parting gift on behalf of our women's group!


  1. Very pretty! I need to make some Scripture art to hang around my house!

  2. Your project is adorable and I am sure that Jayme will treasue it for many years to come!

  3. Gorgeous Candice! You did an amazing job!:) Lori


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