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Deep Breath!

September 3, 2009

Saturday I cleared off my sewing table (aka the dining room table) and stored my sewing machine, as I've been tinkering with a new medium (wood, paint, paper and Mod Podge)! The 'newness' and 'unknown' are quite exciting, and the 'ideas' seem to flow the most just as I lay my head on my pillow for the night; then comes reality and my fault of perfectionism!

Last night is not one I'm proud of! I was working with my new medium (I'll post photos upon completion), got Mr. D's approval (he determines if someone other than my family would be proud to display my handmade work in their home!) and yet kept working at it until it became a gloppy mess- ugh! I took a deep breath and proceeded to sand the painted section, to prepare to repaint and start over, yet the more I messed with the damaged piece the worse it got. It was about 11pm (way past my bedtime!) when I decided to scrap the project all together and start over- so very frustrating! To think that I had a perfect piece (in its own handmade way), a piece that would have been loved by someone for what it was, yet I kept doting on until it was wanted by no one.

Tonight is round 2- let's hope for a better outcome! :)


  1. Does the gloppy mess come from the Mod Podge? I would feel so guilty if my favorite medium failed you! :D

  2. Amy,
    The Mod Podge was not the culprit! :) (Which is a good thing, because I think I'm in love with the gooey white many opportunities!)


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