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I Won the Snail Mail Craft Swap Lottery!

September 29, 2009

I arrived home Monday evening to a box on my doorstep from Alia, my Snail Mail Craft Swap project had arrived! I opened the box with great anticipation, discovering two neatly wrapped gifts, a beautifully sewn clutch with matching wallet and a gorgeous knitted throw! I feel like I just won the Craft Swap lottery! :o)

Before the grand photo reveal...have I mentioned how Alia and I met??? We were both fourth year architecture students in Florence, Italy. Needless to say being in a foreign country with only a handful of American students, we clung to each other like sisters (and I'm so grateful for that!). Alia and I had all sorts of outings, however I distinctively remember the afternoon that we found a craft store in Florence and purchased wire and beads and made our own rings (while in Florence I developed a love for handmade rings)...those were the days! :)

Clutch with matching wallet.

Knitted throw (the colors are so gorgeous and vibrant!).

Thank you Alia for agreeing to my 'crazy' idea (and for the beautiful photos above). I hope to get together again for another Craft Swap, but this time we might have to present our projects in person!

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  1. Yay! I won the craft swap lottery too! Thanks for your 'crazy' idea. I'm so glad we can still continue to craft together after our Florence days. Hopefully there will be many more swaps to come! :)


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