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Summer Camp by The Quilted Fish

July 11, 2011

Are you a fan of summer camp?  I am, or perhaps should say was, as I frequented a local summer camp as a young child.  Today I want to direct your attention to The Quilted Fish's Summer Camp, as she has some great festivities planned for all of the crafty campers!

(Photo by The Quilted Fish)

Let's see if I can summarize the Summer Camp details:
  • The Quilted Fish (Amanda) is giving away a certain number of Glamp Kits to blog readers (make sure to leave a comment on Amanda's blog, no later than July 18th, for a chance to win!).
  • If your name is not picked to win a Glamp Kit, you can still participate in Summer Camp as you can purchase a Kit from Amanda's website.
  • Send a photo of your completed Glamp to Amanda, no later than August 8th.
  • All entry photos will be posted, votes will be counted, and the top three entrants will win prizes- woo hoo!
To add to the excitement, some of the Creative Consultants will be participating by making their own version of the Glamps to share on their blogs (I already have an idea for mine!!!), along with a giveaway.  I hope you join the fun, as Summer Camp is always something to look forward to.  That, AND who doesn't want to make their own Glamp!?!  :)


  1. I Candice! I loved meeting with you on Friday (so glad I said "yes" to your phone request - so few of these random meetings turn out so well for me). I'm slow but now I put it all together; our meeting in SLC, your classes at SP and now I realize you are a NFTP blog reader and commenter. Sheez...I'm so dense! Anyway I am excited about developing a business relationship with Squirmy Worm. Squirmy worms in the strawberry patch oooh - in this case a very good thing!

  2. Adorable lamps! I'd love to make some of those and hang them outside. You know if summer ever hits us up here in Washington.


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