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Stuart's Day Job

July 25, 2011

I took a photo of Stuart on the job the other day.  Most days he works hard protecting the house and giving me hugs, but at times he needs to check his puppy mail on the computer.  :)


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Monday!  I'm working for a couple of hours tomorrow (headed down to Oceanside, but sadly there won't be any time to visit the beach), and then I desperately need to come home and sew.  I'm hoping that I find some sewing motivation between now and tomorrow afternoon!  :)


  1. I hope you find the motivation you need. If not, do keep us all entertained with funny puppy pictures, that never gets old =) x

  2. Love his bandana! What a handsome guy. :)

  3. He is so cute! Love love that pooch.

  4. Is that his diet coke too?


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